School Season is About to Start

On behalf of the children and their parents, we would like to thank each and every person that helps to provide care and love to them by keping them in school. It all starts with a good education, and hoping that when the children get older they will start to give back to the community as well. An avalanche can begin with a small pebble, and that is what we are hoping will happen. There are still thousands of children on the streets of Cite Soleil that still need our help. If you are interested in our program to keep them in school, please feel free to contact us via email or telephone. Without the care and giving of sponsors like yourselves, we could not do our work in Haiti, and these children would never know how much different their lives could be.

Sadly, several of our recurring sponsors decided to not come through this year to support these children, leaving us with many unsponsored children at the last minute in need of your help. We are going to Haiti on the 27th of September for 10 days, and will be trying diligently to come up with the remaining funds for those children we had thought already sponsored. We would greatly appreciate any help that could be provided.

A very special thanks goes out to the Royal Family of Qatar for their continued generosity in support of our foundation and its current and upcoming projects. They have taken the time to get to know us, and to understand the urgency in Haiti. You truly help to make a difference in so many lives.

We are currently looking for volunteers who may be willing to join us on our Missions to Haiti. If you are interested, please contact us for more details.

Darwin Securities

Darwin Securities is a company we highly recommend for multiple functions. Whether you are going to be in Citi Soleil and will require personal security, or need a private investigator in the United States this company is very professional and reliable. They provide a myriad of services and we suggest that should you ever need this type of service, you give them a call or check them out online at Darwin Securities

Where Helping Kids Starts Yesterday.

Welcome to The KamKam Foundation. KamKam stands for Keeping Abused Misfortunate Kids Alive and Motivated. The KAMKAM Foundation is a nonprofit organization designed to help and serve every child who needs support. We are to meet their needs, and to reach each and every one based on their wishes. We are dedicated to helping all types of children without any consideration of class, color, creed, or condition. We exist because we want to help those who seek help, speak for those who can’t speak, listen to those who want their voices to be heard, and enlighten the path of those who for long have lived in darkness, and last but not least, we want those tears that once were shed because of sadness and grief, to be tears of joy and pride. Our approach is to reach every child with open arms, and attend to their needs. Much of the problem is due to a lack of available financial capabilities needed to support the escalating number of poor, abused, and neglected children. Our organization is designed to assist the world’s poorest children, by feeding them and providing them with basic life necessities such as school supplies, clothes, and shelter. In addition, assist them with medical and surgical services, and provide for those with special needs.

The KAMKAM foundation does not limit itself to only feeding the starving children, but it continually expands its horizons to offer multiple solutions depending on the needs of the children. Our foundation depends on people like you and I to help us help others. As part of the human race, it is our duty to see to it that we end the agony that these children undergo. All interested contributors will receive updated reports in terms of the allocation of resources as they will be updated here on our site. The KAMKAM Foundation will uphold the core values and ethics of the organization that will guide us to fulfill our mission. We are pledged to hold our integrity and honesty in serving our purpose, and are fully committed to allocate all our funding and resources tactfully. We hope to expand to reach out to other at risk kids worldwide. We are very confident that we will be able to work hand in hand with other humanitarian organizations in the future, and take actions aimed to save abandoned, neglected, and poor children around the world.

If you could keep a child from starving for less than a dollar a day, wouldn't you?

The children in Citi Soleil lost more than just homes on January 12, 2010. They lost families, friends, and pets. They also lost schools, medical centers, and places of worship. They drink dirty water, and eat whatever they can possibly manage to scrounge up enough money to afford. They have very few personal possessions.

If you could show a child that the world is more than just struggling to see the next day, won't you?

If you could make that much of a difference, with very little effort, shouldn't you?

The KamKam Foundation has begun to help where we can. 30 young children in Citi Soleil look forward to our return visits. We bring them toys, assist in getting them medical attention, and more. We need you to sponsor these children to make sure they can grow into the adults they need to be. Show them that there are those out there that care.

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