In Development

The KamKam Foundation is currently working on two additional projects, both inside and just outside of Citi Soleil. These projects are just the beginning of many more to come.

The KamKam Foundation is working hard on its first Orphanage for children in Citi Soleil. We are hoping that this can become a model for not only our future Orphanage projects, but also as a template for other organizations.The goal for the orphanage is to provide shelter, food, social interaction, and more for the 31 children we are caring for. It will be constructed outside of Citi Soleil, and is hopeful to begin construction in Q4 of 2013, once the appropriate location is found.

Feeding Center
Within Citi Soleil it is difficult to find clean and sanitary conditions to eat, and food itself is hard to come by. While waiting for the Orphanage project to begin, the KamKam Foundation will locate and construct a clean feeding center to ensure that our children receive the proper nutrition.
This feeding center will remain in place even after our children are located in the Orphanage, to continue to provide nourishment to the needy children in the area.