About Us

The KamKam Foundation was organized to reach out and touch the lives of children in need. We want to influence and inspire hope and dignity in those who feel they lack it. We are devoted to helping these individuals lead independent lives which will allow for them to be an example to others. Our goal is to restore the love, trust and stability for abused, misfortunate, and neglected children. We are dedicated to supporting them throughout their fight, by caring for them and for those who have not yet received help. Our goal is to work collaboratively with other nonprofit organizations to raise awareness of endangered children in Haiti, Morocco and throughout the world.

Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of the KAMKAM (Keeping Abused Misfortunate Kids Alive & Motivated) Foundation is to provide care for underprivileged and at risk children, and to improve their lives by providing them with the proper care to meet their needs. Our mission is to help fund already existing problem areas throughout Haiti and Morocco, and develop new solutions where needed.

Vision Statment

As a nonprofit organization, we will strive to make sure that these children are entitled to the same privileges as others. We are to stand firm in upholding the honor and integrity for the organization in delivering all the humanitarian necessities to these children. We are committed to deliver and surpass our expectations by providing them with supportive and proactive services to include access to education and other skills tailored to meet their needs, and provide them with better nutrition and health care. Together as a team, we will make every effort to deliver what we promise, and stand together to help speak for these children and others at risk, comfort them, and promote an environment that will expose them to real world opportunities.