Meet and Sponsor our Children

We have taken upon ourselves to help support 30 children in Citi Soleil. This is by far the most impoversished area in Haiti, especially since suffering the devastating earthquake in January of 2010. But we cannot do it alone. We need your help to sustain the support for these children. They need clothes, food, books, shelter, and so much more! Will you please donate to help them live a life that children should always have. Let them be children.

How your Sponsorhip will help
It is everyone's question "How do I know what I am sponsoring for these children." Understandably, as there are dozens if not hundreds of such projects.
What these children need, how your donations are used, and how you will keep track of these children will all be broken down and explained. In order to sponsor a child, it requires only $250 USD per year. This cost is broken down as follows:

$75 - Annual School Registration
$25 - Annual Uniform purchase
$50 - School Supplies and textbooks during school
$100 - School Cafeteria Meals

Hedoovens Jeanty - Sponsored in loving memory of Mrs Assia Ghandour
Born Aug 19, 2004, he is a young, loving, 13 year old boy. He is starting the 6th grade this year.He lives with his mother and brothers in a small shanty shack, with their only income being that of their mother being able to sell random items in a small marketplace. Most days they are lucky if she is able to bring home 4 or 5 USD. He is a very hard working son, and yet still finds time to study hard in school..

Dieunifard Thidor - In need of sponsor
Born July 6, 2005, she is a truly wonderful girl, she is 12 years old and lives with her mother in a delapidated shack. A few dollars a week is all her mother is able to provide as income, selling small items in an impoverished marketplace. Soon to become a young woman and teenager, your sponsorship is needed to ensure she can stay in school and not have to work in the shops with her mother..

Jean Raymond Jean Baptiste - Sponsored by John and Loubna Starnes
Born Dec 2, 2003, this 14 year old boy is growing up faster than he should have to. He lives in a small shack with his parents, one grandmother, two brothers, and a nephew. The father is unemployed, and the mother struggles to bring in what little money and food she can by helping a local woman cooking and selling food in the marketplace.

Star Marley Jean Baptiste - In Need of Sponsorship
Born July 12, 2005, he is the 12 year old brother of Jean Raymond. He faces each day hoping things will get better, but all he sees are the same things each day. Somehow, this little boy remains positive in a world that is full of sadness. One of his true joys is learning, so we hope to find him a sponsor to keep this love alive..

Dieuvil Guillaume - In Need of Sponsorship
Born March 5, 2004, he is the 13 year old nephew of Jean Raymond. He lives with his uncles as if they were brothers, sharing what little he has with the family, and being treated by his aunt as if he was one of her own children. Despite the poverty, their family bond is strong.

John Cineus- In Need of Sponsorship
Born June 26, 2006, he is a loving 11 year old boy living with a talented painter of a father. Sadly painting barely provides food for them to eat. He is a very bright young boy and we look forward to enrolling him in school to continue his education.

Milanda Saintilus - In Need of Sponsorship
Born May 16, 2002, Milanda is 15 year old girl, suffering in a small shack with her two brothers, and their mother. Her father is nowhere to be found, and her mother is unemployed. Many days they do not have food to eat at all, or clean water to drink. However, at least while in school she is kept off the streets and safe while learning and being fed during the school year.

Jameson Saintilus - Sponsored in loving memory of Mrs Assia Ghandour
Born Sep 30, 2000, he is the 17 year old brother of Milanda, he is struggling to live as a young man should. He tries to help his family out when he can, but suffers malnutrition like his other siblings and mother. Food is scarce when you have no way to provide for yourself. Happily he continues his school and learning with the 8th grade this year.

Stanley Saintilus - In Need of Sponsorship
Born Dec 25, 2005, this quiet and shy 11 1/2 year old (he won't let that half year not be mentioned) brother of Jameson and Milanda suffers quietly from hunger and poverty. He barely has any clothes that will fit him that do not have holes, and the only toys he has are the ones that were given to him by the KamKam Foundation. His ability to keep positive is nothing short of inspiring.

Elcy Dorzin - Sponsored in loving memory of Mrs Assia Ghandour
Born Dec 7, 2002, Elcy is 15 years old, and lives with her parents and brother. They currently live in a tent, as the earthquake destroyed the half fallen shack that they used to live in. They have slowly begun to rebuild some semblance of life, however neither of her parents are working, and as a result they are suffering badly from malnutrition. Luckily she is enrolled in school and is entering the 8th grade.

Chelo Dorzin - In Need of Sponsorship
Born Dec 2, 2004, he is the 13 year old brother of Elcy, he tries not to cry at night when his empty stomach is hurting him, because he knows his parents are trying the best they can. It is a sad thing to look a child in the eye and know he is suffering, but tries to be a "big boy" and not let you see it. He takes this maturity with him as he continues his education this year.

Withnise Lajeunesse - Sponsored by Jauad Zouine
Born Jan 16, 2003, she is a truly tragic case, this 14 year old girl lost vision in her left eye due to malnutrition and infection, and is at risk of losing vision in her right eye as well. The KamKam Foundation has been working with many doctors to try to arrange help for her, as she is in need of an operation to prevent the right eye from suffering the same problems, rendering her totally blind if this happens.Nevertheless, she doesn't let it stop her from smiling and learning all she can in school.

Lafrance Jovenson - Sponsored in loving memory of Mrs Assia Ghandour
Born Oct 5, 2002, this 15 year old young man lives with his mother and sisters in a small shack. Their mother works long hours and hard days in the market making what little money she can to feed her children. He is a smart child, and puts all his heart into school. Thankfully he has been able to attend school and try to better his situation.

Elie Louis - Sponsored in loving memory of Mrs Assia Ghandour
Born Sep 6, 2000, this 17 year old young man lives with his sisters, mother, and grandmother in a small shack that is still barely standing after the earthquake. They have managed to patch the holes in their home to at least keep them dry. Neither his mother or grandmother are working, and food is scarce. As he enters the 11th grade this year, he looks forward to learning all he can.

Paulson Saint Louis - Sponsored in loving memory of Mrs Assia Ghandour
Born Aug 8, 2004, this young child is 13 years old, beginning the teenage years of his life. He lives with both his parents and sisters. Neither of his parents are employed, but they help out their neighbors as best they can in exchange for what little food they can spare. He continues to grow and to show so much promise.

Peter Gabriel Stevenson - Sponsored in loving memory of Mrs Assia Ghandour
Born Sep 5, 2004, this 13 year old has seen much tragedy in his life. His father died when he was very young, and his mother has had a hard time providing even rice for him to eat, as she is unemployed. Both suffer from extreme malnutrition, despite attempts to improve life in Haiti. As he starts the 7th grade this year, he sees his health getting better by the increase in food and education that being in school provides.

Dahana Chery - Sponsored in loving memory of Mrs Assia Ghandour
Born Aug 26, 2001, this16 year old young woman spends her time helping her mom and grandmother in their three walled shack. No one in her family is working right now, so they have to rely on the generosity of others to help them survive. She enters the 10th grade this year, and is going to use her education to help others in her community

Cassano Elie - Sponsored by Majida Zouine
Born Nov 2, 2001, this upbeat young 17 year old boy is an example of Haitian perseverance. Deaf, and suffering from malnutrition, he still manages to bring a smile to your face when you see him. Despite being deaf, he takes to the streets begging for food, wearing the few clothes he has, hoping someone will help him and his mother survive. He will require a special school in order to take into account his inability to hear. He started school later in life, but has already learned so much.

Jenel Delisse - In Need of Sponsorship
Born Feb 8, 2003, this 14 year old boy lives with his mother, brother and sisters. Their father is nowhere to be found, and their mother is unemployed. They go sometimes 2 days with no food, begging for people to help them while sometimes doing small chores for people in exchange for food. Jenel continues to strive to make something of himself in school, but never forgetting he wouldn't be there if not for his mother and sponsors.

Micailove Fortune - Sponsored in loving memory of Mrs Assia Ghandour
Born Jun 13, 2004, this young 13 year old girl lives in a cramped shack with her immediate and extended family. Her mother makes sandwiches in the marketplace, but it is not enough to support the entire family, so they share what little food they have and often go hungry. She has been an exceptionally helpful daughter to her mother and does all she can to take care of her. She is attending the 6th grade this year.

Jenny Borjella - Sponsored in loving memory of Mrs Assia Ghandour
Born Mar 4, 2003, this little 14 year old girl lives with her parents in a shack in the heart of Citi Soleil. There is no sanitation here, and very little to do in order to make a living. Both her parents are unemployed, and they have to ask for food. Despite the poverty and struggle she remains a bright and funny girl, always trying to bring a laugh to someone who is sad.

Anderson Lafleur - Sponsored in loving memory of Mrs Assia Ghandour
Born Jul 12, 2005, this 12 year old boy goes around begging for food to help support his family. Their home, a crumbling shack, is still barely intact from the earthquake. It is a marvel that it hasnt collapsed on them as all they can afford to do it patch the holes. His mother is not able to find work, so some days they may go an entire day with no food. He continues his education, and we are hopeful he remains in school to be an example of maturity to his classmates.

Fritzson Jean - Sponsored in loving memory of Mrs Assia Ghandour
This young boy lives with his parents and siblings in a small shed of a home. Both parents lost all they had in the earthquake, but managed to survive as a family. The parents are unemployed, so a day of no food and water is common for them. He struggles between helping his family and maintaining an education, but he does not give up.

Florence Bruce - In Need of Sponsorship
Born Aug 8, 2002, this is yet another child in a malnourished family, this 15 year old girl tries her best to be happy. her parents are also unemployed, and beg for food from people to try to keep them all fed. Despite this, she still hopes that some day things will be better.

Lucnise Saintolien - In Need of Sponsorship
Born Dec 11, 2000, this 17 year old girl lives with her mother and brother in what barely qualifies as a home. Rather, it is more like a wall leaning on another wall to keep the rain off. Begging in the streets, they can barely come up with enough money to buy beans or rice to survive. She works tirelessly to support her family and to continue her education when she can.

Renaud Belizare- Sponsored in loving memory of Mrs Assia Ghandour
In 2011 we lost one of our wonderful children. In 2013 we are blessed to be able to pick up his brother and continue to support their family. Born Dec 14, 1999, he is in many ways just like his brother, he is truly a gifted 18 year old who started school later in life, but is rapidly catching up as he enters the 7th grade this year. br />

Exume Junior - In Need of Sponsorship
Born Dec 1, 1998, this soon to be 19 year old young man lives with his family in what barely qualifies as a home. He had to leave school to help his parents for a couple of years and is eager to get back into his education as soon as he can.Taking small jobs here and there, they can barely come up with enough money to buy beans or rice to survive.year.

Destine Kerby- In Need of Sponsorship
Born July 23, 2000, this 17 year old young man lives with his family in what barely qualifies as a home. He is currently working hard to help his family while attending school, and needs the help of a good sponsor to let him focus full time on his education.

Please Help Us Help the Children

If you wish to help us support these truly wonderful children, please click below and accept our thanks. Every bit of the $250 per child per year goes directly to supporting that child. All of our administrative costs are paid out of our pockets. In return for your kind donation you will be delivered updates on the child's development, photos, post cards from the child, letters, and of course the satisfaction of knowing you have helped the child become more than just an impoverished youth wondering where the next meal will come from. Pease make sure during your checkout that you add the name of the child that you wish to sponsor, or simply send an email to and we will make sure to associate the funds properly.